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Team Brandon's Mission Statement
To raise awareness about the life-altering effects of drinking & driving and empower parents & caregivers of individuals with traumatic injuries & special needs to improve their health by participating in programs geared toward exercise, nutrition & self-love.

We know that as The Next Step Foundation continues to grow and gather more friends, we can lend a hand to ease the pain for families. Our goal is to increase awareness regarding traumatic brain injury and advocacy.

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  • A DUI at any age will mess with your LIFE!
  • The penalties for drunk driving are much HARSHER for teens.
  • The list goes on!   Think it won’t happen to you?  THINK AGAIN!
  • Nearly 30 People Die Daily from Drunk Driving! That is 1 person every 53 minutes!
  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in 15-20 year olds.
  • Approximately 25% involve an underage drinking driver!
  • Kids who start drinking young are 7 times more likely to be involved in an alcohol related crash!
  • Teen alcohol use kills about 4700 people each year!
  • You’re legally intoxicated when a BAC of >.08.
  • Do you know that it can take up to 6 hours for your BAC to drop from >.08 to .00?
  • YOUR TOES ARE ALREADY ON THE LINE! If you are under 21, your BAC should be ZERO! Driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT! 
August 20, 2001 Brandon’s Accident.
Horrific 4 car collision that killed his best friend.

Brandon on 
life support in a coma.

Brandon had to re-learn everything​.
Don't let this happen to you or someone you love. 

Cari Fonseca
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Tragedy to Triumph
 The Story of Team Brandon
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The Next Step Foundation Team Brandon 
1801 E. Crocus Drive  ~ Phoenix, Arizona 85022  
(602) 619-5558

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Cari Fonseca
15 for 15 2001-2016

To foster our message, Team Brandon raises funds that will allow our foundation to continue spreading our message in schools, worksites and communities. The funds will also allow us to purchase racing chairs for special needs families and provide an avenue for them to participate in ongoing racing events with Team Brandon. 

$15,000 goal by Aug 20, 2016.